Want to be a proud Fit Average Jo? Looking for a cool gift for someone. There is a range of fitness related Fit Average Jo merchandise available just for you. Head to the Fit Average Jo Shop to see what gear you can get your hands on. Wear it with pride in the gym, outContinue reading “BE A PROUD FIT AVERAGE JO”

30-Day Challenge: Active Living

 If you are someone who is keen to ease their way back into fitness (who is back at a beginner level) with some basic motivation, workouts and staple exercises then the Fit Average Jo on-line 30 Day Challenge may be for you.  It is a planned 30 day slow and steady entry-level return journey to exerciseContinue reading “30-Day Challenge: Active Living”


Holiday season is just round the corner. There will be parties, celebrations, food and champagne. Ahhhh….that irresistible succulent Christmas dinner and sumptious pudding. That mouth watering new year buffet and the countdown champagne are so tempting. Your spirit is willing but your flesh is week. You will probably binge. So what is price you payContinue reading “5 TIPS FOR STAYING HEALTHY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON”


Going away over the festive season but want to stay fit? Gym closing over Christmas? Locked down at home with no gym access? Want to keep training at home to keep the edge on your training? It’s so hard to stay on track when you have to be self motivated to come up with aContinue reading “TAKE YOUR TRAINER WITH YOU IN AN APP”

Your Fitness & Corona Virus – What you need to know!

Here at FIT AVERAGE JO, I care about your health and well-being, both immediately and in the long term!  That’s why I am doing a blog about what I am doing in the wake of the COVID-19 virus (aka Coronavirus) … and what YOU can do to protect yourself. I’ve even created an Immune Boosting Checklist, whichContinue reading “Your Fitness & Corona Virus – What you need to know!”

How are your New Year resolutions going?

“I want to go to your BOOTCAMP but I am not fit enough” If I had a dollar for every time someone said this to me I would be a rich woman.This statement is so far off base but it reveals the fears that people have about their own fitness and group fitness. The truthContinue reading “How are your New Year resolutions going?”

Happy New Year 2020. It is a great time to embrace new opportunities. I am excited.

What’s one thing you’ve done so far in 2020 or are doing today that makes you happy?  What’s the last thing you did just for fun? A New Year always brings new opportunities.  You ready? Look into your crystal ball to ONE YEAR from now and imagine the life you’re living.  This isn’t only about what you’veContinue reading “Happy New Year 2020. It is a great time to embrace new opportunities. I am excited.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a fun city that I definitely want to go back to. I ventured there in September and I now very much regret not planning to stay longer. The weather was perfect in September too, not too hot or too cold. It was a friendly, clean and welcoming city. The biggest draw cardContinue reading “Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA”

Camping in 1700s, with a Model T Ford in 1915 and The luxury of a 1920’s trailer tent.

I recently visited The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan, USA. On display at the museum is an actual camp bed that was used by George Washington in 1775. I have to say, it looks remarkably similar to camp beds people use today. It seems to be a design that has lasted centuries. This particularContinue reading “Camping in 1700s, with a Model T Ford in 1915 and The luxury of a 1920’s trailer tent.”

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a city in recovery with a very strong and fascinating history. I stayed in downtown Detroit. It wasn’t a bad location but transportation in Detroit isn’t one of Detroit’s strong points so there were a lot of Uber rides. Downtown Detroit is a contrast of abandoned buildings and new city life. There areContinue reading “Detroit, Michigan”

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is about 7km from Santa Monica, California. It is a place like no other. One one hand I felt like I was in a movie. On the other hand I saw so many homeless people living in such a beautiful area, forming their own lifestyle. It is a place of extreme contrasts. ThereContinue reading “Venice Beach, California”

Niagara Falls – USA and Canada sides

Niagara Falls really is Mother Nature at its best. The raw beauty of the these Falls shows you the power Mother Nature has. Niagara Falls can be seen from both the USA side and the Canadian side. They say you feel the Falls from the USA side and you see them from the Canadian side.Continue reading “Niagara Falls – USA and Canada sides”

Birdsville Races – Top things to do while you are there.

The iconic Birdsville Races are run each year on the first Friday and Saturday in September every year. If you haven’t been before then you need to make the trek to outback Queensland. You don’t get much more remote in Queensland than Birdsville. Every year brings something different. One year it rained out the RacesContinue reading “Birdsville Races – Top things to do while you are there.”

BACON – Hand marinated & smoked!

Fit Average Jo is usually all about fitness & travel.  But on this occasion you get to see the Average Jo side.  Because Bacon. 
I have a mate who makes bacon from scratch – marinated, then smoked.  Once you have eaten this bacon you are ruined.  NOTHING will ever compare.  This has to be the BEST bacon I have ever tasted in my entire life.  
So, with his permission, I am sharing how to make your own awesome bacon from scratch.  You’re welcome!

Earn money and gift cards in your down time while travelling.

Ever had to sit  in an airport for a few hours on a stop over, had WiFi on a plane and wanted to fill your time with something interesting or you sit in a car as a passenger with time on your hands?  Completing surveys may be a way to use this time wisely and make some money or earn gift cards.  

Gold Coast Marathon Weekend – combining two of my loves, travel and running.

I have a lot of friends who enter marathons, triathlons and other running events, but this was my first real go at a large event like the Gold Coast Marathon weekend. A friend of mine was putting together a team of people in the name of a charity, the Red Beard Challenge – Run forContinue reading “Gold Coast Marathon Weekend – combining two of my loves, travel and running.”