I have been working out with Nik for many years now. She has helped me through fit and unfit times, consistent and inconsistent times. The only consistent in my training is that she is always there for me. No matter what. She has helped me more times than she will ever know. She is caring, supportive and encouraging and nothing is too much for her when it comes to helping you achieve your goals.
This is all done with a smile on her face even at 5am in the morning.
Thank you so much Nik for your continued support and encouragement.


Nikki is reliable and adapts sessions to suit the individuals. She has a way of making everyone at ease no matter what level they are at.


Nik’s approach is flexible to suit all fitness levels; motivational and fun. Her boot camp sessions are fantastic and fun.


Nikki is incredible 🙌🏻 she’s great at encouraging you to push yourself but also able to adjust workouts to suit your fitness level/work around any injuries. Highly recommend!!!


You will never meet another personal trainer like Fit Average Jo. I was an overweight, unco, woman who was terrified of the gym and thought everyone was judging me. Nik made me feel like a million dollars from the first time she said hello. She actually listened and used her extensive knowledge to focus on a program that helped me and what I wanted to achieve. I never once felt judged by her; rather she inspired me to work harder than I ever thought possible and achieve goals I could only ever dream over. She actually made me want to go to the gym. I simply cannot recommend Nik enough, she’s not just an amazing human but without a doubt the world’s best personal trainer. You would be absolutely crazy not to use her services.


Nik has catered for my over 40’s concerns- plantar fascia , bakers cyst , post foot fracture & post major abdominal surgery, with humour & patience .
Finding exercises that don’t cause pain to suit my needs & strength.
I highly recommend discussing with her your needs / concerns & she will make sure you are heard & supported in your exercise journey .
I can’t recommend her highly enough .


If you are looking for an amazing PT, look no further. Nik provides holistic support and goes above and beyond to assist her clients to achieve their goals.
When I started at the gym, it took me half an hour to work up the courage to get out of my car and walk inside. As soon as I walked into the gym, I was met with Nik’s welcoming smile. I struggled with feeling out of place at the gym due to my size but Nik always made me feel comfortable, is extremely respectful and encouraging. Nik celebrated my milestones as much as I did.
It’s difficult to find a PT that makes you feel at ease as quickly as Nik does.
I would highly recommend Nik’s PT services, you couldn’t find better.


When I lived in town, I was a regular at bootcamps with Nikki! I really enjoyed going because the vibes were great, the workouts were always changing but gave great opportunities to challenge yourself, and Nikki would encourage you to push that little bit harder. Nikki is a down-to-earth trainer who is genuinely interested everyone’s health and wellbeing. I never felt pressured about my weight or ability, as the focus was on what I was achieving. I highly recommend Nikki, and I could guarantee if I still lived in town, that i would be training with Nikki