I having been using the app for 3 months now during COVID and it has helped me so much. You get motivational quotes and little challenges and tips to suit you all delivered to your phone plus workouts, warm ups and cool downs. The app links to your device such as a Fitbit or anContinue reading “Trish”


Nikki is reliable and adapts sessions to suit the individuals. She has a way of making everyone at ease no matter what level they are at.


Nik’s approach is flexible to suit all fitness levels; motivational and fun. Her boot camp sessions are fantastic and fun.


Nikki is incredible 🙌🏻 she’s great at encouraging you to push yourself but also able to adjust workouts to suit your fitness level/work around any injuries. Highly recommend!!!


You will never meet another personal trainer like Fit Average Jo. I was an overweight, unco, woman who was terrified of the gym and thought everyone was judging me. Nik made me feel like a million dollars from the first time she said hello. She actually listened and used her extensive knowledge to focus onContinue reading “Katie”


Nik has catered for my over 40’s concerns- plantar fascia , bakers cyst , post foot fracture & post major abdominal surgery, with humour & patience .Finding exercises that don’t cause pain to suit my needs & strength.I highly recommend discussing with her your needs / concerns & she will make sure you are heardContinue reading “Eugenia”


If you are looking for an amazing PT, look no further. Nik provides holistic support and goes above and beyond to assist her clients to achieve their goals.When I started at the gym, it took me half an hour to work up the courage to get out of my car and walk inside. As soonContinue reading “Robyn”


When I lived in town, I was a regular at bootcamps with Nikki! I really enjoyed going because the vibes were great, the workouts were always changing but gave great opportunities to challenge yourself, and Nikki would encourage you to push that little bit harder. Nikki is a down-to-earth trainer who is genuinely interested everyone’sContinue reading “Stephanie”


she takes the time to listen to your goals and helps you achieve them. shee actually teaches you how to do things properly. she is a great motivator and caters to injury. highly recommend!

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