Earn money and gift cards in your down time while travelling.

, Earn money and gift cards in your down time while travelling., Fit Average Jo

Tips on how to make some extra cash and earn gift cards with your spare time.

Ever had to sit  in an airport for a few hours on a stop over, had WiFi on a plane and wanted to fill your time with something interesting or you sit in a car as a passenger with time on your hands?  Completing surveys may be a way to use this time wisely and make some money or earn gift cards.

Survey companies want to hear what you have to say.  It helps their marketing, to research opinions on their products and their customer base.  It helps you influence the market in a wide range of things from food to shopping, holidays, health, cars and services.  Companies are willing to pay you a small amount to answer questions about a large range of topics.  There are survey companies that undertake surveys on behalf of a wide range or large and small companies.

First up, I can tell you, you will not make your fortune from completing surveys.  It is a low money earner but definitely a fun way to influence and a way to use some downtime to earn some rewards for yourself.

These are my favourites:

  1. Life Points
  2. Pure Profile
  3. Octopus Group

Both Life Points and Pure Profile seem to have a reasonable earn rates per survey and rewards are more easily attainable than other surveys.  The surveys are regular so you have the option to earn points quite regularly if you are eligible.

Life Points gives you options to use your points earned on gift cards which is a great bonus. I have found that gift cards are transferred electronically within a few days.  I choose gift cards that I can use for grocery and fuel shopping.

Pure Profile lets you redeem your Pure Profile points for cash which is transferred directly into your bank account.  Transfer is within 30 days of redeeming your points which can feel like a very slow process but it does arrive in your account like a surprise gift.

Octopus Group surveys come along less often than Pure Profile and Life Points but they have a good earn rate and are a good way to earn a cash redemption for completing usually quick surveys.

Some other survey options that I also use are:

  1. Toluna Influencers
  2. Swagbucks:
  3. Survey Village

Toluna Influencers have a large amount of surveys going all the time.  There are also bonus opportunities to earn points on small one question surveys.  Points are redeemed for gift vouchers.  despite the abundance of surveys the earn rate seems slow and the points per survey earn rate is low in comparison to other surveys.  You need to do a lot of surveys through this app to earn a small value voucher. It is still lots of fun and there is always something to interact with on this app.

With Swagbucks you earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. I have found that Swagbucks is a slow earn rate for points and the rewards are harder to earn but definitely another survey company worth considering.

Survey Village allows you to redeem your earned dollars for gift vouchers from a wide range of shopping options.  I find there aren’t too many survey options that are available so it is a slow earn.  Non-the-less, it is a good way to earn gift vouchers on the go.


  1. Join up for many of the surveys as not all of them have regular surveys available.  The more you join the better chance you get to earn.
  2. Ensure you read and understand the confidentiality information provided at the beginning of each survey so you understand what you are agreeing to with the information you provide in each survey.
  3. Fill out as many surveys as you can to earn points.  Log in daily so you don’t miss out on surveys.  Some fill up quickly.
  4. Fill out your profile info for each of the survey apps so they can best match the right surveys to you.  This avoids the frustration of answering a number of questions and then finding you are not a match.
  5. Don’t get frustrated if you get part way through a survey and they tell you it is already full or you don’t match the cohort of people they are looking for.  This happens regularly if you are doing a lot of surveys so don’t give up.
  6. Be patient for your cash or gift cards once you have redeemed them.  Some take up to 30 days to come through.
  7. Only share what you want to. If you don’t want to do a particular survey then don’t.  Its that easy.
  8. Have fun.  Giving your opinion is your way to influence important markets like telecommunication providers, shops and service providers.

Use your downtime while travelling to earn yourself a few extra dollars and gift cards.  It all adds up in the end!


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I have included links in the blog to the survey pages mentioned above.  Some are referral links so if you decide to join up it will earn me a small bonus of points for the referral.  Its win-win for you and me.  All the hard work on working out what surveys to use is already done for you and I get recognition for referring you. Winning.



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