Fit Average Jo is a Personal Trainer business based in outback Mount Isa, North-West Queensland, Australia. As a fitness professional, Fit Average Jo specialises in fitness for the ‘average Joe’. Fit Average Jo was born out of a passion for fitness and a quest to assist people to reach their full potential with their health and fitness.  Through Fit Average Jo I provide tailored sessions for beginners, introduction to weights, bootcamps, suspension trainer, slam balls, general PT session and more.

I am the PT who makes no judgement, is genuine and there is no fancy Lycra anywhere to be seen with me. Aside from general PT, I specialise in women’s fitness with a focus on Mum’s returning to and sticking with exercise, making it a lifestyle change for them.  I have also been working on increasing the fitness confidence with teenagers to start them well in their fitness journey, focusing on proper form and technique from the outset. 

I aim to create fun, challenging and motivating ways for people to reach their fitness goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  As a Fit Average Jo client you will be challenged, motivate and driven by a well-qualified Personal Trainer, utilising modern personal training techniques either in person or in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere around the world. 

I am human, just like you, and I know how hard it is to make time to exercise and stay healthy. I may drink beer ;-).  I love beer! I have lived experience clawing my way back to health and fitness after a serious heart attack at aged 37 and I also live with ongoing medical conditions, including Lupus. I understand just how hard keeping fit and healthy can be. I have been there and am now able to share with you just how important fitness is in maintaining your health.

With Fit Average jo, I seek to grow a fitness community with the belief that fitness should be a rewarding and fun experience.  I aim to teach people of all fitness levels how to develop and grow their love for health and fitness. 

Whether it is in person with 1:1 Personal Trainer sessions, Bootcamps, via Zoom Virtual Bootcamps or using the on-line fitness app, there is a customised fitness program for everyone.   Each program focusses on strengths and develops on areas for improvement in a fun and engaging way.  The knowledge and training experience that you will get with Fit Average Jo will support you through your fitness lifespan to train correctly and minimise any setbacks along the way. 

I am a skilled and experienced trainer ready to coach you at any level of fitness, whether beginner, intermediate or fitness freak.  You can choose the format and training schedule that suits you best.  I am a highly motivated and experienced fitness professional who comes with a wide range of experience in other fields as well, having also completed a Bachelor of Teaching, Masters Degree in Forensic Mental Health and a Diploma in Management. 

I have been running bootcamps in Mount Isa for many years. Being local, I understand the needs of our Mount Isa community. If you book a PT session with me you will be supporting a small local business. Let me help you with your fitness journey. If you have any questions give me a call – 0408260014.

I believe that fitness is an investment in your future self and your future independence. I live and love being a PT to make a difference in the fitness future of others.

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