Earn QANTAS points by exercising. WINNING!

, Earn QANTAS points by exercising. WINNING!, Fit Average Jo

Did you know you can earn QANTAS points by exercising? It’s a winning deal for someone like me whose two passions are travel and exercise.

I have been earning QANTAS points for well over a year now and have found it quite a good way to earn QANTAS points doing something I love. Incidental activity and specific exercise periods all count. There are even bonus challenges with friends and activities (such as entering your BMI and blood pressure) that help you manage your health but also earns points.

All you need to start is a QANTAS frequent flyer account and an eligible fitness tracker such as an Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit.

(You’re welcome).


1. QANTAS points for being active.

2. It’s a great way to track your exercise activity and have an incentive to stick to your activity goals every day.

3. Contributing to your long term health by being more active every day.


Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s a clever marketing strategy for QANTAS insurance. You will get some emails encouraging you to use the QANTAS health insurance and if you are in the market for health insurance then this may work for you. If you do use the QANTAS Assure health insurance then your QANTAS point earn rate for exercise is significantly higher.

If you don’t want their insurance but still want QANTAS points then you can still earn QANTAS points for being active, it will just be at a much lower rate of points. In my mind, every point counts! They all add up over time.

I love this activity app and I earn QANTAS points every day. They are allocated weekly so I see the rewards as my QANTAS points increase regularly. From a Personal Trainer perspective I can certainly recommend this app as a good way to keep your daily activity on track. It combines my two loves – exercise and travel.

Time to get moving!

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