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, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a fun city that I definitely want to go back to.

I ventured there in September and I now very much regret not planning to stay longer. The weather was perfect in September too, not too hot or too cold. It was a friendly, clean and welcoming city.

The biggest draw card for me was the Harley Davidson Museum. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Oh, yes I was! This girl almost couldn’t sleep with excitement the night before going.

Milwaukee is the home of the Harley. The Museum is a testament to that but it is also a very clever marketing strategy because I walked away wanting to buy a Harley. :-).

If you are a HOGs member then entry to the Museum is free. I paid for the extra behind the scenes tour which was well worth the extra. Entry entitles you to try out some fixed Harleys and there are some old and new Harleys that you can sit on in the Museum. If you love bikes you will love this Museum. If you don’t like bikes, you will after your visit. Definitely a must see Museum in Milwaukee. I spent quite a few hours there. A new Harley Davidson motorbike is considered a souvenir, right?

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

There is a great river walk and a sculpture walk though Milwaukee, both free. I found the Bronze Fonz on the river walk. Heeeeeeeyyyyyy.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

The Modern History Museum is also one of the best I have seen. It is a bit on the expensive side, around $20US, but definitely worth going to. They have some great displays with something to interest everyone.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

The Milwaukee Public Market is the place to go if you are a foodie. I found a beer and sausage bar there. Yes, dreams do come true, folks. I thought I had struck gold.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

The Art Museum is located right on the water front and it has wings. The wings open in the morning and close at night. It’s a quirky and artistic way to bring people to the area.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

Milwaukee has great walking tracks around the water front with lots of space for families to run around, play sport, read a book or take some time out. It is nice to walk around downtown Milwaukee from there. There are many options for anyone who likes to enjoy a city on foot.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

I found a bar that serves Bloody Mary drinks with burgers in them. If you are quite peckish you can order a whole fried chicken in your Bloody Mary. I kid you not! Delicious. Sobel Mans is the place. Definitely check it out.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

Don’t miss the brewery tour at the Lakefront Brewery. For $9 you get 4 beers, the tour, a spare beer ticket to use at another location and a free beer glass. Great value for a beer lover like me. The tour told the history of the brewery but I have to say the free beers were the best bit. It is also on the river walk so easy to get to if you like walking. It’s clever marketing with the free glass but now I am working out ways to get my glass back in one piece on the plane.

, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Fit Average Jo

I stayed at the Astor Hotel. This hotel was very reasonably priced in a good residential location right in downtown Milwaukee. It was a very regal style hotel. They have a complimentary transport service to locations close to the hotel. I absolutely enjoyed my stay and the location was perfect. I would recommend this hotel.

When I left Milwaukee I travelled to Chicago by the Amtrak train. It was easy and probably the best way to get to and from Chicago. The ticket was about $25 which included two checked bags. This would definitely be my preferred way to travel that way over the short distance.

I have come to the conclusion that I will never have enough time to do everything when I visit a city. There is always something exciting happening in every city and Milwaukee was no exception. There was so much more I could have done. I heard there is a fantastic music festival that runs over two weeks at the end of June and the start of July each year. This may be the reason I go back. I fell in love with Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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