Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!

Having often walked past the XXXX Brewery in Milton (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) I thought it was high time I stopped and had a look. 

It turns out luck was on my side.  The Brewery holds tours several times a day.  This @FitAverageJo LOVES beer.  Surely it was 5 o’clock somewhere.  

, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo
Cheers Mr Fourex.

The tour of the XXXX Brewery ended up being an enjoyable journey through the 135-year history of XXXX, from its origins to what the beers are today. I found out how the XXXX brew got its name, how the beer is made and got to see the production and packaging of the beer. I got to learn all about XXXX beer: its world-class brewing methods, ingredients and how to pour a perfect XXXX. If you want to read more about the history head to the XXXX History site.

, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo

, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo
There is a small museum that has quite a few intersting displays to wander through.

There was quite a bit of information about Mr FOUREX, a key figure in the development of the XXXX Bitter.  No one knows where he came from, but since 1924, he’s been watching over the creation of the traditional Australian lager, XXXX Bitter.  It turns out the recipe for XXXX Bitter hasn’t changed much since a German bloke named Alhois ‘Billy’ Leitner bottom-fermented a lager so good that it cemented his place in XXXX history. Today the brewers stay true to Billy’s original recipe which has been the same for over 90 years.

After the floods of 2011, the brewery had to refurbished sections and you get to see where the water came up to during the flood.

The tour took approximately 90 minutes & concluded with a beer tasting session at the end.  I had worked up a thirst during the tour after talking about beer for that long so it was perfect timing.

I ended up tasting five sampler beers, three from the XXXX Summer range – Lager, Lager with Mango and Lager with Lime, the XXXX Gold Lager and XXXX Bitter.  My favourite was the XXXX Summer Bright range.  You can’t go past it.

, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo

, Brisbane Beer, one of my most favourite topics!, Fit Average Jo
The original door that has been kept in good condition.

Treat yourself to the historic XXXX Brewery & Alehouse Tour.  It’s an unbeatable way to discover the legend of XXXX and experience a true Australian icon up close.

Safety is a key issue so be prepared to wear a bright vest, wear safety glasses and have closed in shoes.  There are lots of industrial stair climbs and a lot of walking during the tour so if you aren’t fit or agile this may not be the tour for you.  This fitness requirement  for this tour are a very good example of why this @FitAverageJo promotes getting fit for travel – you can find beer more easily.

For further information about prices and tour times go to the XXXX Brewery Tours site.


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Beer, one of my most favourite topics!

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