Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Queensland

, Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Queensland, Fit Average Jo

I love walking through Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane, Queensland.  The Parkland is in the heart of the Brisbane City, a very short walk from the Queen Street Mall. If you are looking for somewhere to relax, find some peace in the middle of the city or exercise in a beautiful location then the Roma Street Parkland is the place.  Entrance to the gardens is free.  Except for a few small sections, the Parkland can be accessed 24/7.

There is a long history of the area having many uses.  According to the Visit Brisbane Website,  before European settlement, the area now known as Roma Street Parkland was used as a meeting place. Here, the Turrbal Aboriginal Nation gathered to hunt, camp, and mingle with others. In the early 1840s, the area played host to a major gathering of Aboriginal peoples from around South East Queensland.

In 1874, the area became a focal point of Brisbane, when the Roma Street railway station was constructed to connect Ipswich and Toowoomba to the capital city. In 2001, Brisbane was transformed by the addition of Roma Street Parkland, a vibrant collection of gardens rooms, lawns, and walkways.  Construction of the $72 million development began in January 2000, and over 100,000 shrubs, 1200 mature trees, 1800 unique species of plants, and 250 ferns were planted, with a massive area excavated for the parkland’s new man-made lake.

So, how do you find this piece if paradise in inner city Brisbane?  The good news is you can get to the Roma Street Garden’s fairly easily via train.  The Roma Street Train Station exits directly to the gardens on the back exit.  The Parkland is also a very short walk from the Queen Street Mall.  There are walking tracks that go to and from the Parkland as well as cycling tracks.  There is metered and undercover parking at the Parkland. For more information about how to get there go to the ‘getting there’ website.

The Roma Street Parkland is a myriad of paths, walkways, bridges, ponds, fountains, waterfalls and beautiful gardens.  There are maps all around the Parkland but you might want to download one before you go.  The map show you all the different paths, ponds and gardens.  Even when the park is full of people laughing and enjoying themselves you can easily find a quiet corner somewhere.  There are wide open lawns for playing sport and exercising as well if that is more of your thing.  You can easily clock up 10,000 steps walking around during your visit.  Every step counts towards staying fit and mobile.

There are organised walks or you can wander around yourself, easily forgetting you are in the middle of the Queensland State capital city.  There is a lot of wildlife to see around the park.  You can spot birds, lizards, frogs, fish and other animals throughout the gardens and ponds so there is fun for all the family.  There are family and play areas for children and experiential gardens to explore.

If you are hungry there is a cafe right at the escalators that take you to the Roma Street Train Station.  With BBQs and picnic areas you can also take your own picnic.

, Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Queensland, Fit Average Jo

The Roma Street Parkland is a great place to visit, explore, picnic, exercise and play.  Do yourself a favour and make some time to take a walk through the gardens next time you are in Brisbane.

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  1. I must admit I never used the park enough despite the many times I wandered the city. It was only a fairly recent discovery after looking for Parliament House, I am embarrassed to say.

    1. I have found many walking tracks and gardens in Brisbane recently. I now make it a mission to find something new every trip. There is so much that I have missed too over the years. I am uncovering more each time I am in Brisbane, mostly by accident or adventure.

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