Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is about 7km from Santa Monica, California. It is a place like no other. One one hand I felt like I was in a movie. On the other hand I saw so many homeless people living in such a beautiful area, forming their own lifestyle. It is a place of extreme contrasts. There is an evident artistic beauty in the area.

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The Venice Beach walk gives you an opportunity to see a range of talented artists, many of who appear homeless. There are stores selling Venice Beach souvenirs, fast food, a muscle gym and stalls with all sorts of art, some spectacular, some just recycled trash. There is a man, Nathan, who plays the piano like a concert pianist right there out in the open on the beach. Google his fascinating past if it interests you. There are a few lovely restaurants right on the beach. There is also a skate park with very talented skaters on show.

, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo

The Muscle Beach Gym is definitely an attraction with some of the strongest people working out in the outdoor gym right on the walkway. Holy muscles batman!

I visit Venice Beach almost ever year I am in the States. This year there was so much pot being smoked I thought I was high after one lap of the Boardwalk. There are Green Doctors along the walk. There must be many people with ‘bad backs’ there.

, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo

You can walk along a beach walk from Santa Monica. You will pass many beautiful people. Many are tanned and toned – some naturally, some enhanced by plastic surgery. There are all types of fitness activities to see along with way. If walking isn’t your thing then you can hire a bike. Every day is a beautiful day along that walk.

, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo

If you are looking for accommodation in the area I would recommend looking at the Santa Monica end of the boardwalk.

Talk a walk a few streets back from Venice Beach as there are cute shops, wall art and a canal to discover.

, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo

If you are in Southern California don’t miss a visit to Venice Beach. It really is a unique area that has it’s own special combination of art, beach lifestyle, poverty and money.

, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo, Venice Beach, California, Fit Average Jo

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