What is the first step in your fitness journey?

Are your clothes getting tight, maybe you have had to go up a size or two?  Perhaps you have over-indulged over the holiday period?  Do you puff going up stairs when you used to skip up stairs easily.  Are you feeling uncomfortable, but you don’t really have time or energy to start going to the gym?  Sound like you? The good news is that most of us feel this way at some time in our lives.  You are normal, an Average Jo.

, What is the first step in your fitness journey?, Fit Average Jo

Keeping fit and active can be very difficult when you have no energy left every day, you have too much to do, there isn’t enough time for yourself, you are working full-time trying to make ends meet.  It is hard to know where to start.

The Average Jo should start small.  Too often people sign up for a year’s membership to the flashiest gym in town.  They sign up for all the classes and PT sessions with un-achievable goals of losing ridiculous amounts of weight in a week, perhaps 2 weeks.

Next thing they can’t make it to all those classes because they are too sore from biting off more than they can chew.  The reality is they won’t see any real gains for weeks, often giving up just as the gains are about to be achieved.  Then they are too tired to go back for more and their gym membership ticks over unused for weeks, then months, until it expires.  Know anyone like this?  Has this been you?

If you have had time away from fitness workouts or you have never really paid attention to your health and fitness then start small.  Don’t overdo it.  You can build on your achievements every week.

My recommendation for any Average Jo is to start with 10,000 steps a day.  Get yourself a pedometer.  They can be very affordable from a few dollars up to more elaborate FitBits and Apple Watches.  Some smart phones let you record steps while it is in your pocket.  Choose something that fits your price range and lifestyle.

For the average Jo 10,000 steps is achievable.  It will get you moving, you will have a daily goal and it means you are going to be more mobile every day.  I encourage everyone, Average Jo’s and fit people, to achieve 10,000 steps a day.  Keep yourself to it.

If you get to the evening and you have only made 8,000 steps then go for a walk with your family after dinner.  Encourage all of your family to join in.  If you are travelling it doesn’t cost anything to get walking.  You can do 10,000 steps pretty much anywhere.

, What is the first step in your fitness journey?, Fit Average Jo

Your goal in the beginning should be to start increasing your movement and steps during the day.  Set aside the dreams of being an Olympic level athlete for a few weeks and just get moving, set a routine and increase what you are doing every day.  Keep yourself committed to the 10,000 steps each day.  Once you have that sorted and know you are going to keep to it then you can look at doing something more.

You choose, hospital or health in later life.  The choice is yours.  Your fitness and healthy lifestyle is your choice.  The responsibility sits with you.  Invest in your future health by moving more and getting fitter now, today, tomorrow, everyday.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Do it for yourself and your family.  10,000 steps.  It’s achievable. Start today. Excuses don’t burn calories.

*Always talk with your medical practitioner before commencing any new exercise regime.

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I am a Personal Trainer working in the Outback. I love fitness and travel so I have combined both loves on social media. I am an Average Jo. I am fit, but I am not a fitness bunny. I am real. I eat nice food, I drink tasty beverages and I train it off with boxing, bootcamps and running. I travel any chance I can. Join me on my fitness and travel journey.

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