You will never meet another personal trainer like Fit Average Jo. I was an overweight, unco, woman who was terrified of the gym and thought everyone was judging me. Nik made me feel like a million dollars from the first time she said hello. She actually listened and used her extensive knowledge to focus on a program that helped me and what I wanted to achieve. I never once felt judged by her; rather she inspired me to work harder than I ever thought possible and achieve goals I could only ever dream over. She actually made me want to go to the gym. I simply cannot recommend Nik enough, she’s not just an amazing human but without a doubt the world’s best personal trainer. You would be absolutely crazy not to use her services.

Published by Fit Average Jo

I am a Personal Trainer working in the Outback. I love fitness and travel so I have combined both loves on social media. I am an Average Jo. I am fit, but I am not a fitness bunny. I am real. I eat nice food, I drink tasty beverages and I train it off with boxing, bootcamps and running. I travel any chance I can. Join me on my fitness and travel journey.