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I have found it really hard to find great tasting plant based proteins. I am totally sold on the BBP plant proteins. I LOVE all the flavours!

The only protein that I can find mixed reviews on is the taste of the Protella protein so I guess that is a personal preference thing with that flavour.

Do yourself a favour and try one of the BBP protein’s for yourself. Click on the link below and have a look at which flavour you want to try first.

You’re welcome!

I have spent the last 2 years trying out all different types of proteins to find one that works for me. I keep coming back to Black Belt Protein (BBP).

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This is Why?

BBP is literature based

BBP provide you ingredients & dosages that are consistent with scientific literature. Every product page has a link to scientific papers. BBP take pride in their integrity, it’s cornerstone of the company.

Great Taste

Protein and supplements that taste amazing! BBP formulations are all produced in-house and they are famous for their flavors. But don’t take my word for it, just read their reviews.

Comprehensive Range

BBP offer over 150 products and variations to cater to a wide range of both male and female customers. They are your one-stop supplement shop.

Massive Savings

The traditional supply chain has put a squeeze on supplement quality. BBP products are all made in-house, selling directly to a passionate customer base. This allows market-leading formulations at affordable prices. Their standard proteins such as WPI, WPC, and Casein are among the best prices in the industry.

Dedicated Team of Nutritionists

Have a question about nutrition, training or supplements? Get in touch with the BBP dedicated team of qualified nutritionists. Absolutely free 🙂 2:30pm – 11:30pm AEST

Grass Fed Protein

BBP source whey protein from the largest dairy companies in the world. All the whey protein comes from grass fed cows.

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Natural Cross flow ultrafiltration

BBP whey is filtered using natural cross flow ultra-filtration. This ensures the whey stays pure and is not denatured by any chemicals.

High in Amino Acids

As none of the protein includes gums, thickeners, or fillers, the protein you consume is extremely high in protein and charged with essential and non-essential amino acids.

Established Business

BBP is an established business with a team of order pickers, food technicians, food safety supervisors, product manufacturers, designers, developers, and customer support. They are committed to delivering consistent quality, scientific backed supplements and continuous product innovations to a passionate customer base.

GMP Certified Sourcing

BBP source raw ingredients from GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified manufacturers. Every ingredient is lab tested for purity.

Australian Lab Tested

BBP protein goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. They test protein supplements with third party Australian government laboratories. BBP is committed to providing their loyal customer base the quality products they have come to expect.

Certified Safe Payment

The BBP website is 100% secure and have obtained an SSL certificate. Your credit card details are never stored and therefore can’t be stolen.

, Protein and Supplements, Fit Average Jo

Same Day Shipping before 4pm AEST

Every day they ship an average of 600kgs. If you place an order before 4pm AEST, they will dispatch it the same day.

, Protein and Supplements, Fit Average Jo

* Open disclosure – I am an affiliate partner with BBP which means I get a small commission as thanks for referring you to BBP. It is a win-win for you and me because I know you are going to love their proteins.